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Three quick facts of my campaign and my history.

  • Proven Fiscal Conservative
  • Proven Supporter of Public Safety
  • Proven Supporter of Environmental Concerns with Smart Growth


Why am I running?

I have been a Council Member for four years and a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for two years prior to that.

None of those are easy jobs, not much fun at times and all require time,  a commitment and  sense of duty to the Community of Oro Valley. I have spent the time and I have that sense of commitment and duty!

I believe that over the last four years (and more) that the residents and the business of Oro Valley have given me, along with the majority of Council the trust that makes Oro Valley work.  Our citizens and our businesses have been and know they will continue to be treated fairly in the best interest of the Community.

Continuity of Council in Oro Valley over several years prior to the majority elected in 2010 has caused concern among citizens as well as  current and potential businesses.  That lack of continuity has held Oro Valley back and slowed its progress. I think our citizens want and need the trust and continuity of purpose they have seen in the last four years!!

I want to continue to be part of the successful path we have established for Oro Valley.  I think I can continue to contribute to that success and keep this Community on the path that all want for the future.

I’ve listed my Accomplishments and Participation on separate tabs on this site.

Thanks for taking the time to find out something about me!

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If you have any questions,  you can email me at Joe@VoteJoeHornat.com  Or please feel free to call me Cell 520-661-5547, Home 520-575-1415